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There is more than Leo won in Oscar this year…


Oscar ceremony’s curtain was finally left down. My prediction game offered by its official challenging column didn’t excite me much as I anticipated due to its shortage of participants. Even I got two-third of winners.

下載Apart from the primary focus that Leo DiCaprio eventually took the golden status away, I revealed the funny part about Ali.G showed up as one of the award granted guest, on behalf of an icon against racist in a sarcastic way. Also, the weird “Best Song” award must break the majority of predictors’ glasses when each of them, including me, saw Lady Gaga performed the teenager sexual abused related song “Till it happens”, which was exactly the same scenario of last year winner “Glory”. The song about Dr.Martin King fighting for freedom was presented by “hand to hand” coming out of the stage. Both years followed by non-stopped claps and applauses after the performance.

下載 (1).jpgI understood there was still a reason behind that Spectre’s singer could beat Gaga after his winning speech as I believe the Academy did concern the rumor that gay guys never wins in Oscar. While I admit his song sounds more indulging than Gaga’s one and both of them have their political and controversial selling point, it might be somehow being taken such award for granted, opposite to what Leo said later on.